Emilia Poli-Marchese

Retired Professor
University of Catania



  • 1959-1962- She stayed abroad, by qualified international research Centers (in Germany and France), where she specialized in Geobotany and particularly in Phytosociology and Vegetation mapping.
  • 1958- Undergraduate Degree in Natural Sciences, University of Catania.


  • since 2010-retired Professor of Catania University
  • 1975-2009 – Chair Professor of Botany, University of Catania
  • 1973-1975- Help-Assistant to the Chair of Botany, Catania University
  • 1971-maturity at the Chair of Botany; 1967- free Professor in Phytosociology
  • 1965-1974 -Associate Professor of Botany, Geobotany and Ecology, Catania University
  • 1959-1973- Assistant professor of Botany, Catania University
  • 1988-1994 and 2006-2008 -Head of two different specialized Degree Courses, University of Catania
  • 1997-2009- Head of the Biology and Plant Ecology Laboratory of CRIBECUM Center, Catania University
  • 1987-2000 -Head of the Institute of Biology and Plant Ecology, University of Catania, which she founded; 1979-2017 -Scientific head of the Nuova Gussonea Mt. Etna botanical Garden, which she founded.


1963-2009 -Official lectures in various under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD courses of Catania University including: Botany, Ecology, Landscape ecology, Geobotany, Biodiversity and Plant Phylogeny.
She read scientific talks by official invitation in Italy and abroad: Germany, France, Japan, Poland, USA.


In Botany and particularly in Geobotany, Phytosociology, Ecology, Vegetation mapping, with particular interest in the Plant life on the volcanoes: Etna and other active volcanoes.
In application problems as: Forestry, Recovery of abandoned areas, Territorial planning, Environmental Conservation and Management of natural resources, artistic and historical Heritage Conservation.

Research experiences – She also carried out field researches on plant life abroad: Japan (1963), on Fujiyama and other Japanese volcanoes; USA (1996-2008, 1 month each year) to studyforest areas; Spain (2010) to study plant life on the volcano Pico del Teide of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

Publications and services
Her scientific production is of about 300 papers on national and international Journals. Many papers concern the plant life of volcanic areas and mostly of Mt. Etna; some papers aimed at application
problems. The scientific publications include 2 books and 11 Vegetation maps at various scale, some of which are application maps. She organized and directed 12 research teams and projects, working in field on projects agreed by Government Organizations. She has organized 7 several national and international Congresses.

Award and honors
She is called by the European Commission as “Expert” to evaluate European research projects (1999, 2002 ad ensuing years); She was (2002) and she is on the Expert List of the Ministry of University and Scientific Research (MIUR).
She is an elected member of the “Societé de Biogéographie” of Paris and of other scientific associations and she is also a member of the referee group of various international scientific Journals.
Official external Assignments for problems regarding the safeguard and management of the territory and by: National Research Council – CNR (1975) ; University of Catania (1970-1996 etc.);
Government of the Sicily Region (1981, 1985, 1988, 1993-1994); Mt. Etna natural park (1987-1992, 1993-2000 and 2003-2009, 2010, 2012-2013); different Law Courts (as CTU): 1979-1980, 1984, 1988, 2005, 2009-2011; different Public Bodies, etc.